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The Value Of Networking
“Networking is the single most important factor in your ability to move up the ranks. Research has proven that you’re more likely to get a positive performance review, more likely to get a raise and even be retained in the event of layoffs by your company when you know how to network properly.” Alisa Cohn is an executive coach based in New York City who is clear about where she feels you need to concentrate your efforts to get ahead in your career. She stresses that circulating and networking helps to increase your reputation as a good person to work ... more
Tips For Establishing Business Partnership
Here are 3 simple ingredients that any cast-iron business case for partnership should include, even if you have no track record of selling from your career in industry. 1. Evidence of influence and persuasion skills Not having sold to people before doesn’t have to be a stumbling block. Finance Directors and VPs, amongst many other senior roles, are selling ideas and courses of action to people every day. Persuasion and influencing skills are invaluable in selling. A great business case for partner will include strong examples of these. In fact, using these skills successfully in your partnership business case will ... more
When To Enroll In Business School
I graduated with my MBA when I was 32 years old. I had been out of school for eight years, working for a handful of companies in various software development, consulting and sales roles. I went back to school because I knew (almost) exactly what I wanted to do in the long run: Start my own company. I was confident going back to school was a step in the right direction. I know plenty of young people who don't want to wait a decade before taking that step (and there are plenty of pundits who might argue they shouldn't). There's ... more
Set The Foundation For Your Finance Career By Volunteering
“I think there’s a distinction between volunteering to help you in your own personal development and in your career development," says Jamie Peretz, the founder of 2MyCareer, a college to career advisory service assisting college students and recent graduates with first careers. "Volunteering is always important for someone’s personal development and it can be important for professional development.” This from J Prior to founding her company, Jamie was a managing director at Korn Ferry International, the global leader in executive search and talent management. When it comes to building a career foundation, this important piece of the puzzle can be ... more
Fact And Fiction For Small Business Finances
here is a passion about Canadian small-business owners that comes through when they talk about the state of their own financial know-how. Nearly half of them — some 47% — told Intuit in a recent poll that they believe further training in finances would help to boost their businesses' bottom lines. And that kind of openness to new knowledge among SMB pros is growing. The percentage of owners who answered "yes" to the idea of new lessons and knowing their financial facts is up 15% from Intuit's last such study, back in 2012. "It can be stressful for owners, if ... more
Five Steps To Attracting Finance Clients
The top rainmakers tend to be talking to prospects before they are ready to buy. The reason for this is because the earlier you can get to a client, the more likely you will be the one they turn to later when they need help with a problem. To be able to do this successfully, however, you need to understand the five stages of thinking and interest as they go through their buyer’s journey. Stage 1: Everything is fine At the beginning, your future buyer has no need of your services. This may be because they are lucky enough to ... more