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Stand Out in A Finance Firm
Haing a good profile is essential for your career. Very often it leads to getting onto the plum assignments and being first in line for any promotions. If you lack profile, it normally means 2 things; either you are not visible to senior management for the right reason, or you are perceived to not have a strong internal (or external) network. So how do you go about improving your ‘profile’? 1. Put your head above the parapet Very simply, if you get into work, and keep your head down and chomp through your work, your profile will suffer. A visible ... more
The Basics Of Financial Literacy
When does a small business owner first get the hint that they've got to boost their own financial literacy? "Most often, when they have to file their taxes for the first time they realize, 'I don't know a lot about finances,'" says Rob King, director of Small Business at Intuit, adding that owners often discover, "'I've got an awesome dream but I don't quite know how to do this.'" About one-third of SMB owners (35%) have this experience, according to Intuit's recent SMB financial literary quiz — these owners encounter just this kind of eureka moment. "And that's where we ... more
Challenges of Specializing in Finance Niches
1. Worried about turning business or work down As a junior professional in a firm it makes sense to be a generalist. After all, you want to get booked on as many jobs as possible. However as your charge out rate rises, you need to be able to justify your higher price. This is why it becomes easier to be assigned to work or pick up work as a specialist or ‘Go-To Expert’. As a specialist in a specific area, your marketing will be optimised to attract the right sort of clients – the ones that you really want to ... more
Advanced Analytics Giving New Insight Into Finance
Today, many financial services firms are seeking greater value from their data and are applying analytics to uncover opportunities for their business and customers. To help the financial services industry, including banks and insurance companies, realize this value quicker, Accenture launched seven advanced analytics applications to place insight into users fingertips, enabling quicker data-driven decisions that can benefit the business. RELATED: Data Scientist A Top Job for Young Professionals For instance, the new applications are designed to help the financial services industry to improve customer experience and retention, increase sales, simplify the credit scoring process, and reduce costs associated with ... more
Learn How to Connect with Finance Hirers on LinkedIn
Getting your resume in front of the right Big 4 recruiter can often make the difference between getting an interview — or not. Once you’ve identified the entire population, you can scan your LinkedIn search results, or refine your search with additional terms, to find recruiters who specialize in your area of expertise. Try this by following Step 1, plus Steps 3 through 6, below. Ignore Step 2; you don’t need it here. You will find ready made Big 4 search strings for Steps 1 and 5, that you can copy and paste into LinkedIn’s advanced search fields for Title ... more
Deciding To Stay At Or Leave A Job
There can be a lot at stake in considering whether or not to depart an employer. Before we make a decision, if we have that discretion, we should consider who we are, why we may want to stay, and reasons to depart that are hopefully positive in nature and related to a new and better position. Who Am I? The starting point for any decision about our work is to know, as best we can, who we are. To help us approach this knowledge we can ask ourselves questions such as: What naturally interests and motivates me? What types of ... more