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Healthcare Innovation
By: Jeff Heenan-Jalil
healthcare is actually poised to become one of the most innovative fields because of its considerable capacity for growth and change, and young job seekers looking to make an impact in a transforming field need look no further.
Learn How to Connect with Finance Hirers on LinkedIn
Getting your resume in front of the right Big 4 recruiter can often make the difference between getting an interview — or not. Once you’ve identified the entire population, you can scan your LinkedIn search results, or refine your search with additional terms, to find recruiters who specialize in your area of expertise. Try this by following Step 1, plus Steps 3 through 6, below. Ignore Step 2; you don’t need it here. You will find ready made Big 4 search strings for Steps 1 and 5, that you can copy and paste into LinkedIn’s advanced search fields for Title ...
Deciding To Stay At Or Leave A Job
There can be a lot at stake in considering whether or not to depart an employer. Before we make a decision, if we have that discretion, we should consider who we are, why we may want to stay, and reasons to depart that are hopefully positive in nature and related to a new and better position. Who Am I? The starting point for any decision about our work is to know, as best we can, who we are. To help us approach this knowledge we can ask ourselves questions such as: What naturally interests and motivates me? What types of ...
Tips For Big 4 Partnership Admission
If you are seeking partnership admission, Tara Fennessy, an Executive coach who has helped 100s of Big 4 directors take the step up to partner, has four tips: 1. It is a marathon not a sprint Probably the best way that I can explain the process of being on partnership track, is it is more akin to running a personal PR campaign to influence your partners that you are the best candidate to be admitted to the partnership. This isn’t something you can: cram for over a weekend hope to ‘wing it’ at the partnership panel interviews pass if you ...
Finding A Job After Law School
Every year, law school graduates apply, interview and often receive multiple, simultaneous offers at law firms. This process operates on a set timeline thanks to school-sponsored on-campus interview (OCI) programs. Yet, every year, the majority of law school graduates are still in an active job search once OCI ends. There may be some comfort in the predictability of OCI, but for those who end up without an offer, the program does very little to prepare new lawyers for a typical job search process. Beyond the structure of law school recruitment programs, the calendar is much more flexible for lawyers on ...
Court Rules Joint Employers Share Wage Responsibilities
The Missouri Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that joint employers each have an duty to ensure that workers are properly paid minimum wages and that one employer is not absolved from that duty in cases where the other is found to have illegally deducted wages. The court unanimously ruled that Starwood Hotel & Resorts Worldwide Inc. and its Westin Hotel Management LP unit have to ensure that housekeeper Andro Tolentino's is properly paid under Missouri's state minimum wage law. CONTINUE READING AT LAW360.COM
Will Law School Offering Rebate On Tuition Start A Trend?
One law school now comes with a money-back guarantee. Brooklyn Law School announced on Monday that it will refund 15% of tuition costs to any student who doesn’t find the job of their choice nine months after graduation, starting with the class of 2015. The tuition there is currently $43,237. “Our students invest a lot of time, effort and money earning their law degrees,” Brooklyn Law School president and dean Nicholas W. Allard said in a press release. “Some students need more time and support than others to find that all-important first job to start a worthwhile career.” READ MORE ...
Tips To Help Your Mentor Help You Become A Partner
1. Use them for interview practice Every partnership admissions process is different. However most of them will involve an interview of some form or other. If you have been in a firm for a long time, when was the last time you had an interview? Could you be a little ‘out of practice’ with handling interview questions? There is a skill involved! As our client found it was incredibly helpful to have practice interviews with his sponsoring partner before he went into the interview. As a result he was literally word perfect when it came to the interview. CONTINUE READING ...
Trending Up: Business And Finance Hiring Posting Gains
The final quarter of 2015 may be your time to find a new job in financial services or other avenues of business. Data released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reflecting July employment show a significant, upward trend for the financial sector. Hiring throughout 2015 has been robust, up 170,000 on the year, but the July gains were the most significant yet at 19,000 -- over 11% of the yearly total. The positive trend in finance directly ties to other sectors, most notably construction. Few sectors of the economy were hit as hard during the recession as construction, ...
Contract Work For Outside Firms On The Rise
While a significant percentage of U.S. and European companies are keeping more legal work in-house, their reliance on outside counsel remains strong, according to a general counsel survey released Thursday. The need for outside legal support is being pushed in part by increases in the overall volume of disputes at major corporations, according to AlixPartners LLP's 2014 Litigation and Corporate Compliance Survey, as well as cross-border work in Europe. Forty-five percent of in-house departments reported their companies retained more work in-house between mid-2013 and June. CONTINUE READING AT LAW360