Advanced Analytics Giving New Insight Into Finance

Advanced Analytics Giving New Insight Into Finance

Today, many financial services firms are seeking greater value from their data and are applying analytics to uncover opportunities for their business and customers.

To help the financial services industry, including banks and insurance companies, realize this value quicker, Accenture launched seven advanced analytics applications to place insight into users fingertips, enabling quicker data-driven decisions that can benefit the business.


For instance, the new applications are designed to help the financial services industry to improve customer experience and retention, increase sales, simplify the credit scoring process, and reduce costs associated with claims fraud.


The scope of analytics has changed and its user base is broadening – so long are the days where it only sits in IT and is only touched by data specialized roles. Recognizing this shift, Accenture’s advanced analytics applications for the financial services industry can be customized for specific users within a bank or insurance company – ranging from the Chief Risk officer to bank manager to data scientist.