Deciding To Stay At Or Leave A Job

Deciding To Stay At Or Leave A Job

There can be a lot at stake in considering whether or not to depart an employer. Before we make a decision, if we have that discretion, we should consider who we are, why we may want to stay, and reasons to depart that are hopefully positive in nature and related to a new and better position.

Who Am I?

The starting point for any decision about our work is to know, as best we can, who we are. To help us approach this knowledge we can ask ourselves questions such as:

  • What naturally interests and motivates me?
  • What types of activities come naturally and easily for me?
  • In what types of activities do I become easily immersed and lose-track-of- time?
  • What types of work are closely related to these activities?
  • What is the level compensation I can expect for this type of work or something similar?
  • With what types of work, or companies, am I likely to have generally shared experiences and viewpoints with other employees?
  • What types of work am I not capable of doing?
  • What types of work conditions would not be a good fit, e.g. structured or unstructured work environment, working from home, deadlines?
  • Is my work simply work, or is it a calling from a place that is the source of meaning and identity; and how will this understanding be used in my decision-making?