Tips For Big 4 Partnership Admission

Tips For Big 4 Partnership Admission


If you are seeking partnership admission,  Tara Fennessy, an Executive coach who has helped 100s of Big 4 directors take the step up to partner, has four tips:


1. It is a marathon not a sprint

Probably the best way that I can explain the process of being on partnership track, is it is more akin to running a personal PR campaign to influence your partners that you are the best candidate to be admitted to the partnership. This isn’t something you can:

  • cram for over a weekend
  • hope to ‘wing it’ at the partnership panel interviews
  • pass if you are not known outside of your part of the practice

The partnership admission process often lasts longer than 9 months, and you need to stay strong throughout the whole duration. In fact, as Tara says, you need to finish stronger than you started. This is all on top of the day job…